External Counter Pulsation (ECP) merupakan tindakan non invasive pada pasien dengan penyakit jantung koroner (PJK) dengan ngina refrakter yang tidak respon atau tidak ideal untuk dilakukan intervensi revaskularisasi secara konvensional.

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During Renew ECP Therapy, inflatable cuffs (similar to blood pressure cuffs) are wrapped around the calves, thighs and hips. Sensors are placed on the chest to detect the heartbeat

All units utilize the same NASA developed technology and handle any size room in your home. For best results, Airocide recommends placing a single unit in your master bedroom in order to create a near ideal breathing environment while you sleep. Customers comment feeling better, waking up refreshed and breathing easier.

Founded in 2008, MyoTechnology is focused on providing functional and rehabilitative services and products that allow our clients to live better, longer, and happier lives.
Using our Mixed Method Recovery System, MyoTechnology?s mission is to deliver optimal health results by leveraging the body?s intelligent design.

Renew Group, founded in 2012, is an international conglomerate, manufacturing and distributing
multi-industrial products that include medical devices, water and utilities systems, and
consumer products. Renew Group has built a team of more than 250 professionals,
selling products in over 20 countries in Asia, Europe and the United States

Ogenix markets and sells the EPIFLO? line of medical devices used for treatment of various wounds as indicated by the FDA. Ogenix has received a 510K clearance by the FDA, a CE Mark for clearance into the European market, and is also cleared in Canada by Health Canada.